Settlement Checks Dispatched In EA/ Football Videogame Monopoly Lawsuit

madden picElectronic Arts has begun disbursing settlement funds following resolution of federal antitrust litigation a year ago, relating to EA’s popular Madden NFL, NCAA Football, and Arena Football videogame franchises.

In the underlying lawsuit, styled Pecover v. Electronic Arts and filed in 2008 in the Northern District of California, Plaintiffs alleged that EA made a series of unlawful agreements with the NFL and others for the exclusive rights to market NFL-branded videogames.  This, Plaintiffs alleged, enabled EA to drive out competitors and artificially inflate its prices to consumers.  The lawsuit was certified as a class action in 2010.

Verifiable claimants will reportedly receive up to $20.37 for each game purchased, disbursed from a $27 Million fund created as a term of the settlement.